Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kristen - 1; Jiggly Puddin' - 0

I have gotten a few comments about the fact that I haven't posted in awhile.  I know, I know....I am slack.  Actually, that is as far from the truth as you can get.  I have been so busy that my business, blog, laundry, cleaning, etc have all fallen by the way side.

Summer time is hard.  My psyche is challenged everyday by trying to manage work and wrangling three ever-growing, hardheaded children.  For one month it rained EVERYDAY....the sun ceased to shine...and my seasonal/clinical depression reared its ugly head with a vengeance.  Getting out of bed each day was a chore that I had to talk myself into.  I hope to share more with you about that ugly truth, but that is for another day.

Today, I want to share a success story in the mist of the summer craziness.  Yesterday marked the beginning of Week 12 for us on the Optifast diet.  It has been hard, challenging and at sometimes downright impossible.  BUT...I am down 41 lbs as of today.  That is 3 dress sizes, and almost an entire Paul!!  I can look at those numbers and be proud of my hard work.  I know that despite my other challenges, that I am succeeding in this quest and that brightens my day.  Here is a picture of my success so far.

Those faint of heart, please shield your eyes...I choose tight clothes for a reason.  I wanted to show off my success, but by doing that, it also highlights the jiggly puddin' I have yet to lose.  The battle continues, but so far, I am winning that fight!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Baby Girl is ONE!!!

Well I know I have been slack blogging as of late, but wanted to share these!

Charlotte turned ONE on Wednesday!  We had her Dr's appointment and found out that she weighed 20.9 lbs!  IN THE 60th PERCENTILE IN WEIGHT!!  We sure have come a long way in the past 6 months.  Here are some picture of her birthday party.

We had vegetable spagetti with turkey meatballs.
Mommy and Daddy even cheated on their diet to partake!

....and it was really tasty!

Then Mommy said something about cake!!

But I wasn't quite sure what this cake stuff was.....

When I finally gave it a go...I realized it was pretty good!

Aren't I so cute!!

So we had a good birthday party even if it was just us!  And I love her double chin in all these pictures. A true testament that she really is thriving!

Monday, June 3, 2013

What 4 weeks on OptiFast looks like....

I may not be a skinny minny, and those who see me may not notice a big change YET...

Day 1 of OptiFast                                                                    Day 28 on OptiFast

.......but I do notice a change, and hope you do too. 

This is a side by side comparison of the day we started and the end of week 4.  I wish I had pictures of Keith to share because he has changed more than me :)

This week our nutritionist/behaviorist talked about this being a food vacation.  After 4 weeks, I have never been so ready to return from a vacation!  But we are still going strong.  I will admit to eating a half of a tiny Lays potato chip that I was putting on the top of tuna casserole for the kids, and a bite of Prego spaghetti sauce, but overall I still feel very successful and happy about the past 4 weeks.

Our Stats this week:
Keith: -5 lbs
Kristen: - 3 lbs

Our Overall Stats:
Keith: -27 lbs
Kristen: -16.5 lbs

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Interior Decorating 101

My husband sent this to me on Facebook last night and I thought it was perfect for today. 

Every Thursday Jacob has speech therapy at our house.  And every Thursday morning I run around like a crazy woman TRYING to clean up the mess so that we don't look like we live in an episode of Hoarders-Children Edition.  This morning I gave up.  She will be here in a few minutes and Jacob left me this little present.....

At least it was the Splenda and not our $3 a package optifast shakes....God was protecting him this morning!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week 3 - Are there benefits to being Overweight?

Each week along with our doctors appointment, weigh in, and optional energy shot, we have a meeting with a behaviorist/nutritionist.  This weeks meeting on self esteem and body image was especially eye opening.  One exercise asked us to think of words we would use to describe an overweight person and then a normal sized person.  I think for the first time I realized that people look at me and think those same things.  It was quite heartbreaking.

We also talked about some of the benefits to being overweight.  While I could not find any benefits, I realized there are reasons that some people might find being overweight beneficial.

The main points we discussed:
  • It discourages straying outside of marriage because no one finds you attractive.   This can be either the overweight person, or the spouse encouraging their significant other to stay or become overweight.
  • Men in particular think that size can be related to power, i.e. "Don't mess with big man!"  
  • Shy people use their weight to shield them from the outside world because people are much less likely to approach you.  
I just saw each of these "benefits" a sad realization of what my life has become.

I have always been a very outgoing person.  I've never met someone (some might say even brick walls) that I couldn't talk to.  When I was "skinny" I met more people, created friendships and relationships easily.  As my weight started increasing this changed.  I remember in particular going out for a friends batchelorette party at a club and no one approaching me to dance (which never ever happened in my smaller days).  When I went home I cried because I realized that no one found me attractive anymore.  My husband comforted me and held me while I cried and told me that he would always find me attractive.   

While I wasn't out "trolling," (nor will I be in the future) it is a nice confidence booster to know that strangers find you attractive.  This day, while firmly stuck in my memory as a self esteem crusher, some might find as the perfect balance.  

If you are one that finds yourself agreeing with the benefits of being overweight, there will be mental change that will have to go along with this weight loss.  For me, I will be glad to kiss those "benefits" goodbye.   

Can you think of any benefits to being overweight?  I would love to hear them!

Our stats this week:

Keith: -4 lbs
Kristen: -5 lbs

Keith: -22 lbs
Kristen: -13.5 lbs

OptiFast Week 2 Review

Note:  I wrote this post prior to my Drs. appointment last week and then COMPLETELY FORGOT TO POST.  I am posting my original words because I think it is important for those that are trying to lose weight know that others get discouraged.  Overall I was surprised at the number on the scale at the Drs office, as it did show a loss that I did not see here at home.

Well I haven't blogged any this week because my Momma always taught me, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

This week has been much better in terms of cravings, hunger, and being satisfied.  I finally feel like I can live on this diet for 12-16 weeks without much thought.

It has been easier to prepare the meals for the kids, and even allow them an occasional treat without my body protesting too much.  Although, one day this week after the kids finished their meals, I gave them an oatmeal creme pie; Paul bit into it and said "YUMMY, this is good".  Keith and I both looked at each other and immediately said "Can you describe it to me?".  Of course this was all in good fun and we had a great laugh, but gives you sight into life without food.

Despite all these positives I have been disheartened.  This week my body has refused to give up his hold on my fat stores.  I watched the scale go down one day and right back up the next.  Overall I did lose weight, but I was expecting more.  Watching Keith drop almost 20 lbs in 2 weeks and I have barely lost has been depressing.

I know men lose weight easier than women...but makes my loss, while a loss, seem insignificant.

I know you are thinking I have been cheating, or doing something else to impede my weight loss, but I haven't.  I have been doing everything I can think of to help.  I have given up caffeine completely; I haven't had a soda in 5 days!  I have drunk so much water that my eye balls now think they are fishies from swimming so much.

I have been doing a lot of reading about broken metabolisms and hormonal imbalances in women and am holding steady for a few more weeks to see if my hormones and metabolism will straighten themselves out so that I will start losing weight.  I will blog about these this week in a little more detail for those interested!

Now for what you have been waiting for.....Drum Roll Please.........

Our Stats this week:
Keith: -6 lbs               
Kristen: -3 lbs (this was surprising and somewhat uplifting :) )

Total Lost:
Keith: -18 lbs
Kristen: - 8 lbs

Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekly Update - Week 1

Today marked one week of dieting.

One week of surviving only on liquids.

One week of relentless assaults of the mind.

But we survived.

I think the best lesson of this week is: We have the will power to do this.  We can overcome the constant urge to run to the pantry; the instinct to just lick our fingers after making a sandwich; or the desire to just taste the dinner I prepared for the kids.

The hardest thing for me is being at home alone with the kids and food.  I mean, who would know if I snuck a bite of peanut butter here, or a piece of chicken there.  No one but me.   The committed part of myself screamed "NO" every time I had this thought.  I persevered.  I hope that this gritty determination will stick with me throughout this entire 12 weeks.

Strange side effects this week:
Metallic taste in my mouth:  Think suck on a penny taste.
Dry Mouth: Which is good because we need to "drink" an additional 2 qts of liquid a day
Bad Breath:  So if you see me and I don't talk directly at you, don't be offended, be grateful :)

The Stats:
Keith Lost: 12 lbs
I lost: 5.5 lbs

So here we are.  One week in.  Losers and proud of it!

And for my brother who thought I was really crying in my last picture.  Here is a day in the life of the diet, full on laughing with my Jacob AT his makeup skills.  This precious moment was captured by Paul!